I am deleting this blog on New Year's Eve to devote myself to 2 art blogs I am re-launching in 2020. I also have another personal blog I will be making public soon. I may or may not post the content I have here there.

I will post links before I go just in case you want to see a gallery of my art collages and paintings [Art DeProfundis], download my free original graphics for your personal and or commercial use [1-Zero Design] or follow me on my not so new, but presently private blog Lunatic Moon Eclipse

I have donated all of my original designs to the Public Domain using a copyright waiver license so if you are into scrap-booking, card making, collage, mixed media, website design and more be sure to visit 1-Zero Design.

My Christmas Advent and the coming of Santa Claus began 2 days ago on my other blog and I thought I would share it here also. No, my digital advent calendar is not up for theological discussion.

Jesus Christ is either already here or he doesn't exist. You can wrangle with it. Too messy for me.

Besides I KNOW there is a Santa Claus. That he is mixed up with a bloody Christ-Mass is not really my problem. He says Merry Christmas all of the time. I blame it on the Mead he drinks in keeping with a proper Viking Yule. → 😜  ←

I am not interested in anyone's Happy Holi-days either. But I have already said that I am rooting for the flying reindeer. I mean, if Angels can fly....

My Santa Claus Blinkies from my days on the old web.

This year's theme? Wrapping paper. 

Dec 1:


Want to take a trip down memory lane? Visit this site dedicated to The Old Web here → 🔗  You will not be disappointed.