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John Sidney Barrymore

Beautiful Mad Genius - Poet Extraordinaire 


To Aurora [Ad Auroram]

Aurora! Lovely Goddess of the Dawn,
Upon whose wings bright health and beauty borne
Sweep with delicious fragrance o'er the earth,
And gently waft to mankind joy and mirth.

Stay, heavenly Virgin, stay! Cannot our love
Constrain thee from our bower above?
Cannot our admiration of thy face
Prolong thy stay from thy celestial place?

Expectant nature hails thy bright approach,
Ans smiles all radiant at thy gentle touch
On high the song-bird, fain thy face to see,
Pours forth his soul in maddening rhapsody.

How often have I wished that western night
Would tarry and retard thy rosy flight,
That Heaven's gems around their King would cluster,
Afraid, lest you would rob them of their luster.

Or that thy span of winged steeds would flag,
Or trip, afrighted, o'er some treacherous crag.
Ah, stony-hearted Maid! that thou mightest fail!
But prayers, entreaties, threats, are no avail.

Like arch coquette she hides her blushing face
Amid the mazy folds of vapory fleece.
In high disdain she closely wraps her veil,
And turns deaf ears to Man's and Nature's wail.
Poem by John Barrymore 1897 - 14 years of age.