The Voces Nocturnas
In the Concertos 1 through 9. 
Are whispering prayer beads 
strung with mystery seeds
by 3 of the 7 libidinous muses.
showing the piano playing gods,
how to make use of their prayer bones
when composition fails them.

The kindred spirits of nature, 
and the ancestors hanging out
on the corner near the edge
with the future queen of hearts
who is drinking the blood of Jesus
Mad Dog 20/20 and a Bloody Mary
with red hot pepper sauce 
before hailing a crowded cab
to join her own funeral procession.

She demands, as a dame and a duchess does
an opera in 3 parts, with 1 tenor
and 5 arias; to placate the beads
which have strangled the piano player.
The queen knows that there is
a formidable shadow in the city
where the prophet disappears.
by hiding in plain sight.

The Street is vibrant in color.
It fancies itself related to the mystery
seeds, which only grow inward
And There are not enough stoops
for the pigeons who steal the beads.
So many unlocked doors! 
Inside of one tree, with three nails.
And a badly written howl
In the backseat of a runaway taxi.
- Poem by Jobe